Traditional dancesport and LSDF cup competition



29th of September, 2018

O.Kalpaks Riga Folk Art Primary School Sport Hall

Riga, Skrindu street 1

Registration 9:00-9:45; Beginning 10:30

Girls solo 2010y and younger | W,Ch

Girls solo 2008y and younger | W,Ch,J

Girls solo 2005y and younger | W,Q,S,Ch,R,J

Deju skate | Kindergarden | W,Ch

Deju skate | 1st class | W,Ch

Deju skate | 2nd class | W,Ch,J

Deju skate | 3rd-4th class | W,Q,Ch,J  

Beginners 2010y and younger | 1st lev | W,Ch   

Beginners 2009y and y.| 1st-2nd lev | W,Ch,J

Beginners 2007y and y. | 2nd-3rd lev| W,Q,Ch,J

Beginners 2005y and y. | 2nd-3rd lev | W,Q,Ch,J


  Participants of these groups will dance in two floors!


Registration 10:30-11:15; Beginning 12:00

Juvenile I E4

Juvenile II E4 | Latvian Cup

Junior I+II E4

Junior II E6+D LA


Registration 12:30-13:15; Beginning 14:00

Juvenile I+II E6

Junior I D | Latvian Cup

Junior II D ST | Latvian Cup

Cha-cha-cha Cup | 2003y and younger


Registration 14:45-15:30; Beginning 16:15

Junior I E6

Junior II C LA | Latvian Cup

Junior I ST

Samba Cup | 2003y and younger


Registration 16:30-17:15; Beginning 18:00

Junior I LA 

Junior II LA 

Hobby class LA | 1945y and younger

Hobby class ST | 1945y and younger

Senior II+III ST

Entry Fee: 7 EUR

Entry Fee for participants: 7 EUR – for each participant per programm 

 1st-3rd place - cups and diploma; 4th-6th place - medals and diploma;

beginners group - cups and diploma; girls solo and “deju skate” - medals and diploma.

All group participants have to make online registration (deadline 28th of September)!

Participant health is the responsibility of their coaches, their parents and the dance clubs represented. 



Marika Kalēja | Mario Končevskis | Marta Kalēja-Irbe

29236111  |   29481971  |   29346154

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